Andddd I was in a car accident tonight. Not too bad. But dammit in addition with all the stuff going on with trying to move I just need a break. If you can donate, anything helps. My paypal email is cmichellewynn@yahoo.com. Thanks again loves. <3 

my water bill and internet are due soon. and I need some gas for school and to file paper work to move and legal action in my case. if you guys could please donate, it would be much appreciated. :) thanks

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Why is there another Nicholas Sparks movie coming out?

It’s the same shit every time!

Did anyone even go and see the last one?

I was chilling with this guy and Ciara's Body Party came on

  • Me: It was so smart of her to sample Ghost Town DJ's " My Boo" that song was everything
  • Him: Who?
  • Me: Ghost Town DJ's My Boo...... You know the original My Boo
  • Him: I thought Usher and Alicia Keys sang that song
  • Me: ............


i can’t wait until i can afford my taste in clothes


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